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Amanda Lee Annis 


It's been 7 years since I became self-employed and I have no regrets.


Rule #1 of entrepreneurship: Never buy your own B.S.

Ok. Have there been times I wondered what a cushy pension would do for my late night heartburn and dented Rav 4? Does a bear knit in the woods? 

I'm 99% joking. Here's why.
I've worked in not-for-profit, private sector, sales, and the combination of all three at different times.  I have always worked in communications, be it marketing or social media or copywriting by way of the job I had at the time. 

It's been awesome to sit at the table with different c-suites over the years, but even more awesome to sit down with small business owners who are getting their big idea off the ground; I can't imagine a job or a life any different than the one I'm living that lets me work, play and hope the way I am doing it now. You see, entrepreneurs have that "thing". Not only am I one of them, but I am hopelessly driven to collaborating with their magic too.

I started Brand Writer as a way to help business owners find the right words for all their business needs. The first few years of business are stressful; networking, establishing your brand and selling yourself is hard enough if you aren't a strong communicator. I've been there, I know this. Don't believe me? Ask me about my interview with American Income Life, when I was XX years old. (by the way, if you are the guy who interviewed me, I'll appreciate you not commenting, thanks).


And? Of all my years in business development, communications, sales & marketing combined, I can tell you with certainty that clear, well-written mission & vision statements are powerful tools that can design a business plan, right down to creating your logo. 


I know you have a deeper purpose beyond pushing a product or service. It's time to tell your clients that.


That's why I'm here. Your purpose is my business.  It's your voice - let's make the words yours.


Brand Writer Consulting

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